blame canada

Hey all! I’m still alive!

I’m in Schreiber, Ontario after 5 hours of crushing mountain sides and on my second order of French fries after a massive cheese steak sandwich.  My knees are still toast but I’m able to ignore the pain for now. Ontario is taking twice as long as I imagined and I’m mostly stealth camping, sleeping with a knife by my left hand. I’m shooting stolen salt packets like pop rocks and every banana is a blessing. Truck blasts and “coal rolling” keep me tense but I’m still rolling. Why? First, there is no way out until Sault St. Marie unless I thumb a ride. But really?

It’s fucking gorgeous. A brutal, heartless beauty. Anyways, I passed the most Northern point of the lake yesterday and saw my first golden leaf. I’ll write proper posts when I get to Michigan. Until then MERRY AUTUMN EQUINOX! Love you all and thank you for keeping me company with all these lovely imaginary conversations.

Until the next truck stop wifi….byyyeee/adieu.