popcorn break

I don’t know if I’ll have much access to WiFi during this next stretch, but wanted to give you something to digest while I’m off adventuring. I’m a bit of a cinephile, so I curated a short list of films with female* protagonists on a journey, also directed and/or written by women. Grab a cozy blanket and settle in.

Vagabond” directed by Agnes Varda.

My favorite road movie and no doubt influenced every other film on this list.

Wendy and Lucy directed by Kelly Reichardt.

If you detest subtitles then watch this one, which features Michelle Williams as a woman who is heading north to work on fishing boats but runs into trouble in a small town in Oregon.
Wild written by Cheryl

Yes, it was an Oprah book and this id film adaptation but it really isn’t half bad. Mostly because Laura Dern is incredible. The book itself is damn good but Strayed’s Dear Sugar advice column is where it is really at….
*this list features exclusively white women. There are road films featuring POC women, the only ones I can think of are Brazilian films. Add your favorites in the comments so I can watch them!