meditation #2

Slide into the faded booth closest to the counter. You’ve ordered the #6 Combo: Sesame Chicken (fried rice) and a side of steamed broccoli. As you wait for your takeout, rest your eyes softly on the faded waterfall mural on the opposite wall, the blue water now tinged grey with grease and window light. Gaze to your right and observe a vending machine, filled with plastic capsules each with a primary colored seal, little toys stuffed inside. Place each of your thoughts into those plastic capsules and assign it a toy companion. A bouncey ball that smlls like lemon. A thin hot pink friendship bracelet. A eraser shaped like a teddy bear. Remember the sound of clunking change and the metal crank turning. Hear your name shouted in the empty room. Your order is up.  Nod and grab the paper bag and feel the weight of the #6 Combo in your left hand. Rustle your hand into the bag and using your index finger and thumb, snatch the corner of a cream cheese wonton sweating in the wax paper packet and take a quick bite as you walk through the door. The doorbell chimes, now open your eyes.